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3 Stories, 3 Women, 3 Dentists

June 9, 2022
Episode 20: Join us for a unique episode where we share the stage with three of our colleagues; Drs. Deshpande, Dua Makkar and Weir. These three dentists and authors have banded together to share their experiences about writing as healthcare professionals. Each of them brings a unique perspective to life around dentistry. They hope for every listener to get immense value from listening to their journey.  Now, this episode is pulled off of a Facebook Live so there may be references to those listening at the time. 

Dr. Sampada Deshpande is a foreign trained dentist based in San Francisco Bay Area. Author of the book, Persevering, Sampada earned a DDS in 2018 from the University of Washington. She is a recipient of the ADA 10 under 10, AGD 10 to Watch honor and Howard Memorial Award. In her book, she shares a step-by-step checklist for all international dentists to follow when preparing to move to North America for advanced training and licensure. The only of its kind, Persevering also navigates work opportunities, and features interviews of foreign trained dentists who are now settled in the US & Canada. You can reach her for speaking opportunities by visiting her website

The book, Life Interrupted, Dr. Dua’s Survival Guide is written by Dr. Parul Dua Makkar’s late brother, Dr. Manu Dua. He wrote this book as he battled the last stages of Oral Cancer at the age of 34. ‘Manu wrote at a time when his world fell apart and he welcomed death. Instead of taking a negative outlook, as he went through multiple treatments alone and long hospital stays in isolation, he decided to impart his wise words to the world,’ says Parul. Dr. Parul Dua Makkar is a practicing general dentist in NY. After obtaining her DDS from University of Oklahoma, she practiced in Canada before moving to NY where she also completed a GPR at Staten Island University Hospital. Parul currently resides in Long Island and can be reached at or on Facebook/Instagram @pdmfamilydental



Dr. Yvette Weir is a Howard University graduate with over twenty years of experience in general dentistry with the underserved population of Maryland. She has lived in several countries and practiced dentistry and taught English in West Africa and had a small radio show and a children’s business in Latin America. Her current passions include speaking, writing and leadership ventures through her Retreat and Event business - Wild at Heart. Her book, Relationship Playbook for Women: 7 Questions for You and Your Soulmate, is a guide for professional women and men who are looking to find, evaluate and connect with a person for a satisfying long term relationship. Yvette can be reached via IG: Audaciousretreats | Flowdoc21 | Fitveganblogger and through her facebook page: Wild Heart21.


UPDATE on the story of the foreign trained dentist who was applying to dental school after a 15 year hiatus...SHE GOT IN!


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