My Loupes Are Up Here

My Mission for Wellness in Dentistry

November 17, 2021
 In this episode, Shivani opens up about her background, where she is from, and her pathway into dentistry. She discusses the life experiences that have helped form her sense of purpose in this profession, and her mission to help other dentists build their own wellness practices. It is important to Shivani to redefine what it means to be a dentist and to encourage others that a consistent wellness practice will not only prevent mental and physical burnout, but also cultivate more joy and peace in your life. She also talks about her recent life transitions abroad and out of clinical dentistry, and the challenges that have come along with this transition.
Dr. Shivani Kamodia Barto joined MLAUH in 2020 as a co-host after discovering her passion for empowering others through the power of storytelling. She is passionate about wellness and sustainability, and bringing her passions into the profession of dentistry.

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